Organic weed

Organic Weed Control vs. Chemical

What to Do About Weeds

Weeds can wreck a garden. These suckers conceal pests that breed in them, they look unsightly and the worst is that they compete with your produce for space and nutrients. It is hard to resist using chemicals to get rid of the problem.

Why Chemical Weed Control is Bad

Weed killers and pesticides have been connected to serious health problems like cancer and neurological damage. They are particularly bad for children and can cause learning disabilities and even miscarriages. These chemicals also have a very bad effect on the environment, no matter how many precautions are taken. When leftover chemicals are disposed of in toilets and sinks, they can make their way into the water system.

This should be enough to put you off using chemicals, and once you see how many ways there are to deal with the problem without using them, I hope you will never use weed killers.

Three easy ways for organic weed management:

1. Manual Weeding – The simplest, most obvious and natural way of getting rid of weeds is to do it by hand or hoe. A hand tool can be used to get to the roots of the weeds to completely remove them from the soil. By using a hoe, weeds can either be killed by uprooting and exposing their roots to the sun or cutting off the roots and so destroying their ability to feed.

2. Mulching – Made from natural substances like wood chips and old leaves, mulch is used by spreading it thickly around plants. This will stop light from penetrating the soil and making the weeds grow, which will kill them. If any weeds do pop up through the mulch, they should have shallow roots and should be easy to remove.

3. Corn Gluten Meal – This by-product of corn production hinders the ability of weed seeds to germinate, which prevents them from sprouting. Take care not to use it in an area where seeds have been sown because it affects all plant growth.

As you can see, it is not that hard to sort weeds out without using chemicals. A little elbow grease and some natural methods will have your fruit and veg growing beautifully, without being ruined by weeds – or chemicals.


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