About Andreas Heeschen

The Road to Health (Is Through My Garden)organic blog by andreas heeschen

I’m Andreas Heeschen and this is my organic farming blog. I am a construction engineer in my forties, and live happily with my wife and our dog, in a bungalow a stone’s throw away from Greville Smith Park in Ashton, Bristol. The park is where Pancho (the dog) and I get our daily exercise in, but I also get quite a workout with my hobby/obsession: organic farming.

How It All Happened

It all started when I became mildly obsessed with nutrition. We had a cancer scare in our family and I took to reading about how what we eat has drastically changed over the years – and how it is affecting the health of the nation and the world. I started avoiding the inside aisles at the supermarket and only shopped in the fresh produce section. Then I stopped buying anything that is not organic. I’m sure you know that this kind of shopping can be pretty expensive. The most logical next step was to grow my own, and what a journey that has been.

Talking to Blogging

As with every other obsession, I was talking about my garden non-stop. My locomotive mouth was jabbering on about organic this, natural pesticide that etc. just about 24/7. People started telling me I should start a blog. A what? I thought… And a few times, for a moment, I actually thought they were talking about a weird new bug or a cleaning product. I admit I’ve always been more of a