seed in soil

Germination for Beginners

Planting Seeds – Successfullyseed in soil

I’m sure you remember the school project where you put a bean in a wet paper towel in a sunny windowsill and waited for days until it sprouted. It is simply amazing how something that looks so dry and dead can come to life like that. Even though that kind of germinating is pretty easy, it can get tricky and is not always successful. For beginner gardening and farming enthusiasts these simple steps may come in handy.

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tracktor in a field spreading Chemical Fertilisers

The Difference between Organic and Chemical Fertilisers

Pros and Cons of Fertilisers

Every gardener has his/her own take on whether they should use organic or chemical fertilisers, and this could spark quite a debate. If you had to take the argument to the plants, they probably wouldn’t care. Both have nutrients, and that is what the plants like and need. Although it’s all the same to plants, the farmer has more to consider. Let’s look at the pros and cons of both methods.

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An Endless Supply of Sweet and Juicy Tomatoes

Growing Beautiful Tomatoes – Naturally

Tomatoes are known as one of the simplest fruits to grow and although there is a lot of information available on how to get conditions perfect, it is not 100% necessary to get too technical. You basically have two choices… you either do endless research and turn it into a science, or you follow a few simple steps given by somebody with some experience, like me.Read More »

Why Organic Fertilisers are Better – and how to Make Your own

What You Put In You Will Get Out

Just like you are what you eat, the quality of your fresh produce depends on what you put into the soil you grow it in. Fertilisers enrich the soil with essential elements like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, which make the plants grow faster and bigger. Although farmers all over the world have been using chemical fertilisers through the years, many are now changing over to organic and natural fertilisers. These fertilisers are carbon-based compounds and this method has many benefits.

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Organic Farming Is for Everybody

Simply Nutritious and Delicious Organic Produce

These days you don’t know what you’re getting in the food on the supermarket shelves. If it’s not full of pesticides and preservatives, it’s genetically modified. This is all because of the way it is being farmed with chemicals, weird science and aggressive machinery — they say these methods have become necessary in order to supply the demand for food. They also say that fresh produce is better this way; it has a longer shelf life, it looks better and crop production is higher. Does this sound good? Sure, it does.

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